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Since the first party of licensed companies to work to provide subscription services to the agreed cloud Skilln system (service provider), and since the second party wishes to obtain a subscription service in a cloud system for the management of hotels, furnished apartments and chalets  (Skilln platform), (user Service) by purchasing a license for the Skilln program, by opening an account to the second party in the program with the first party, the will of the parties met with their full legal capacity and a system to contract the conclusion of this contract to regulate the relationship between them, the parties agreed above on the following:

Article 1:

The boot above is an integral part of this contract that is read and interpreted, and is considered complementary to it.

Article 2:

The purpose of the contract is that the purpose of this contract is for the first party (service provider) as licensed to provide the services of participation in a cloud system for the management of hotels, furnished apartments and chalets (Skilln platform), at the request of the second party (service user), in accordance with the terms, specifications and provisions contained in this contract and the supplements of the contract, and the contract is enforceable when the second party applies to the application for the service of subscription to the program, fulfilling all the required procedures, data and documents.

Article 3:

Scope of work: The first party (service provider) is obliged to provide the service to the second party (service user) according to the contract and according to the request for theservice.

Article 4:

The duration of the contract: The duration of the contract begins from the date of subscription and according to the period in which the second partyparticipated.

Article 5:

Contract value: 5/1 The first party (service provider) shall provide the second party (service user) after the second party (service user) has acknowledged that it has examined the said program and has agreed to use it by participating in the Skilln platform against the value of the chosen subscription including VAT,  which the second party pays in advance when signing up for the service.

Article 6:

Payments: The second party (service user) pays the amounts owed to the first party (service provider), by transfering at the expense of the first party (service provider) through one of the approved paymentmethods.

Article 7:

Obligations of the parties: 7/1: First party obligations (service provider) before the second party (service user): – The first party is obliged not to disclose information about the second party to third parties during the period of validity of this contract, after it has expired or terminated, and not to use this information For any purpose other than for the purposes of the implementation of this contract, and to be careful not to disclose that information. – When this contract is terminated for any reason, all copies of this information received from users are handed over to the second party without the first party keeping any copy of it to it or itsaides.

  • Except expressly stated in this contract, the service provider is not responsible for all guarantees and obligations of any kind, including any commercial guarantees and any eligibility guarantees for the implementation of specific purposes and any guarantees relating to the accuracy of the information provided or any liability relating to negligence or negligence of the service user except the gross and deliberate negligence of the service provider.- The service provider is not responsible for any improper information provided by the service user to any party and not included in the service request. 7/2: Second party obligations (service user): – The second party user of the service acknowledges that he has been fully informed of this contract and that he has thus absorbed all the items mentioned and all the consequences of not complying with the terms of this contract. – Undertakes that all the information he has provided in the service application form will be accurate and reliable and that he bears all the legal consequences of the incorrectness of such data. – Acknowledges that he has been informed of the need to receive appropriate training to deal with the services in place of this contract, before using the service. – Takes all necessary precautions to prevent the loss, loss, disclosure, modification or unauthorized use of the service tools provided to him by the first party, and in order to do so may use all available protection programs. – Recognizes that he is solely responsible for protecting his service tools against any harm or unauthorized use. – He is not entitled to interfere in the technical matters of the applications of the service provided to him by amendment, addition or change, unless he has obtained written consent from the first party. – The first party is authorized to conduct any operations either through the Internet or any other means of communication in order to verify the authenticity of any information recorded by the service user in the service request form, and may require third-party confirmation of the validity of such data, and the first party has the right to disclose any information related toit.

Article 8:

The obligations of the second party user of the service after acceptance: The second party commits the user of the service after accepting the service and over the period of its operation to: – The user of the service is obliged to immediately notify the service provider in case he suspects the loss or theft of the service tools provided to him or his doubt about the security breach of these tools, and the time at which he reported is the time after which all electronic service tools arising from these tools are null and void. The service provider suspends electronic services as soon as the communication is received from the service user within a maximum of one hour. – The user of the service is obliged to use only the tools provided to him by the service provider, which the service provider has shared with him. The user of the service is fully responsible for the consequences of not complying with this. – The service user is obliged to notify the service provider as soon as any data relating to the service provided is changed, in order to carry out due process such as modifying the data or suspending the service. The user of the service is obliged to use the services in place of the contract in transactions that do not violate the laws in force in Saudi Arabia. – The user of the service is obliged not to re-dispose in any way in the services provided to him by sale, mortgage or the like. Once the service has been accepted, it is considered tacit approval of the terms and conditions of this contract. – The user of the service is responsible for taking full control of the service tools provided to him by the service provider, and taking appropriate precautions to prevent them from being lost, tampered with or used illegally. – The user of the service is obliged to notify the service provider in the event of a change in data on his legal status or disqualificism, and is liable for legal liability and the resulting compensation if used when the status is removed. The user of the service confirms and ensures that his use of the services contracted does not infringe or violate the legal rights of any other parties. The user of the service alone is responsible for the information he submits for use in the services contracted or in any area requiring the use of the content of the service request. – Without specifying the other user obligations specified in this contract, he is responsible for any misuse he makes using the services in question.

Article 9:

Amendments and changes: This contract may only be amended by written agreement between the parties, the amendment is added to the contract as an accessory and these amendments are valid from the date the parties signedit.

Article 10:

Renewal: This contract expires at the end of its term, unless one of the parties notifies the other party in writing of its desire to renew its work and the other party agrees to it at least one month before the end of theterm.

Article 11:

Intellectual property rights and ownership of documents and documents: – All intellectual property rights of all ideas, concepts, methods, inventions, methodological processes or literature contained or exercised in connection with the products or services provided by the service provider under this contract are owned by the first party service provider in accordance with the provisions of the system in force in Saudi Arabia. The service user is not entitled to remove or obliterate any trademark or copyright notices on any of the service provider’s materials or documents. Neither party has the right to acquire any rights of any kind towards the third party’s trademarks, service marks, trade names or product names. – The second party user of the service may use any of the documents, reports, studies, information, data, worksheets, designs, methods and others obtained because of the implementation of this contract or prepared by the second party, its employees or sub-workers in order to implement the services in place of the contract or any part of it for advertising purposes even after the end of the contract only after obtaining prior written consent from the first party.

Article 12:

The second party is not entitled to waive the contract or part of it without the prior written consent of the first party, yet the second party remains accountable to the first party for anything it waives to a third party.

Article 13:

If either party becomes totally or partially unable to fulfil its obligations under this contract because of an out-of-will force (force majeure), it is agreed that that party will be exempted from implementing the obligations to the extent that it is affected by force majeure, and it may be agreed between the parties to suspend or terminate the force-affected work under a written agreement and liquidate the rights of the parties until the date of the emergence of force majeure, which has prevented implementation.

Article 14:

Cancellation of contract: The service provider has the right to cancel the services in question when the service user violates any of the conditions due in this contract, in particular the following: – The service user exceeds the limits of the use of the services in question. Violation of security elements by the service user due to negligence or intentionality. Accumulation of financial claims on the user of the service in exchange for the services contracted. Misuse of contracted services in violation of law, order and publicmorals.

Article 15:

Technical support: The first party service provider is obliged to provide technical support and receive inquiries and complaints of service users through the technical support forces (Skilln )  to receive problems, and to carry out all necessary measures in order to solve the problems of service users.

Article 16:

General obligations, terms and conditions: 1- The second party is entitled to free training courses each year up to a maximum of two sessions and if the second party employee wishes the service provider to conduct an additional training course for the employees of the second party, the cost of the training course is calculated in a timely manner, and the second party pays it to the first party, and each party pays the fees and taxes due to it legally.\ 2- If the second party wishes to pay it. By making additional adjustments to the service provided in place of the contract, it will be considered an additional task, where the task will be analyzed and the costs related to this amendment will be determined by the first party and the second party shall be informed of those costs, and each party will pay the fees and taxes due to it legally.\ 3- After the expiry of the contract, the first party has the right to suspend the service provided to the second party in the event that the second party does not pay the value of the renewal of the contract and pay the fees and taxes due to it legally. The rights and obligations of the parties stipulated in this contract or arising because of their implementation apply to their differences so that they are binding on all those to which ownership is transferred, no matter how many times and for the reasons for the transfer. Article 17: Notices and correspondence: In the event of any correspondence or notifications between the parties, it must be done by registered mail, hand-delivered, fax or e-mail with written confirmation of receipt in all cases at the addresses specified in the issue of this contract for both parties.

Article 18:

In the event of a dispute between the two parties: This contract is subject to the regulations in force in Saudi Arabia and is interpreted, implemented and adjudicated in the proceedings arising under it. In the event of a disagreement between the two parties about the interpretation or implementation of the texts of this contract, the parties will resolve it amicably within (15) days of the date of the notification of either party to the other party, and if the dispute is not resolved amicably, the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia will be referred to the competent authorities for final and binding judgment of the twoparties.

Article 19:

Copying the contract: This contract was edited from two copies in Arabic, and each party received a copy of it to work under it.